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Generosity changes everything.

The Front Porch of the Preserve Marriage Lodges
Thank you for sharing your stories and showing us we can be broken, but because of God, we can be complete.
The retreat meant a lot to me. I learned a lot and know we will take the information we learned and grow with it. I learned I need to take a greater role in our spiritual walk.
You guys are wonderful role models for us and we can’t thank you enough for sharing a piece of yourselves with us.

 About Donations

Preserve Marriage Ministries seeks to improve the marriages in Howard County and central Indiana. We focus on marriage retreats and counseling intensives in order to save marriages, enrich marriages, or simply act as a romantic getaway for reconnection by married couples. Currently, we are only able to run a certain amount of retreats and are limited to only 7-8 couples maximum per retreat. We want to bless more marriages!

By donating money to the ministry, along with being tax-deductible for you, they can also bless the marriages of others. Your donations would be used for two things. First, donations would be used as scholarships so lower income families could take place in an event. These donations could also help increase the number of events that we put on. Second, we are collecting money to eventually build more facilities in order to grow. We want more cabins so we can host more people at our events. A convention center is another long term goal. Donations would be greatly appreciated and will bless many marriages in Howard County and Indiana.

There are 5 levels of giving with Pay Pal:

  • Level I: $25; Your gift will help
  • Level II: $100; Your gift would cover nearly 50% of a retreat for one married couple.
  • Level III: $250; Your donation would cover an entire Before the Ring or Beyond the Ring retreat.
  • Level IV: $500; Your contribution would allow multiple couples to get the help they need at our events.
  • Level V: $1,000; This is 5% of our predicted deficit.
Contact Us about Scholarships

 About Scholarships:

Would you and your spouse like to attend a retreat but can’t afford it? Scholarship programs are now available. Preserve Marriage Ministries seeks to improve marriages of all economic standings. So if you are looking at the price of a retreat and think its too overwhelming, don’t sweat it. We’ll help you out. Here’s how it works:

We currently have folks who enjoy giving and donating money so others can enjoy retreats too. These donations are continuously stored and used when scholarships are needed. Because we want all couples to work to improve their marriage, we ask that couples seeking financial assistance pay what they are able to pay while scholarship funds pay the rest. This demonstrates your willingness to invest whatever is necessary for the sake of your marriage.

If you are in need of a scholarship for an upcoming retreat (or have any questions), please contact Director Greg Davis here. Thank you!

 Empowering Military & Veteran Families Initiative:

We are proud to be a certified provider for the Indiana Department of Veteran Affairs. Consequently, couples meeting grant criteria can apply for funds to pay for any of our retreats and seminars including re|engage.

The great thing about the grant is that it isn’t limited to past or present military. A couple may qualify for funding if they are married with a dependent child in the home under the age of 18.

Check out this brochure for more information and complete the application below:

  • Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs
    302 West Washington Street Room E120 Indianapolis, IN 46204-2738
  • VA Grant Application