Happy Campers.

Before the Ring Responses:
I was nervous coming into the weekend but am so thankful my fiancé and I did it. It gave us “focused” time and topics to really dig into and discuss. I truly feel as though I’m walking away with a toolbox full of tools of the Lord to use in my marriage to make it the best it can be.
This weekend gave us an opportunity to spend spiritual time together to solve many of the unresolved issues we had.
I loved the retreat. It really helped us with some of the issues we had been dealing with. It helped us realize what God wants for our marriage.
The pre-marital retreat is wonderful. It gave my fiancé and I a great opportunity to discuss important topics and spend some quality time together. It helped me to regain focus on God’s perspective on marriage and how He wants us to live when we are married.
This retreat meant a lot to my fiancé and I. It helped us grow so much in a short time and we learned a lot about each other. I am very thankful I took the time out to be obedient to the Lord.
I really enjoyed the retreat and it had useful information that will be helpful in our marriage. We are so glad we came and will highly encourage engaged couples to attend. The team was very fun and made the weekend very enjoyable. Thank You.
Beyond the Ring Responses:
This retreat is the single most important spiritual event to happen to us in our 14 years of marriage. The facilities and instructors are an amazing find in the small town of Kokomo, Indiana. Our marriage is deeper in Christ because of what we learned during the weekend.
This weekend has forever altered the course of our marriage and I’m confident that the ripple effect will bless our entire family for years and generations to come. This retreat was done with true excellence. Not only did it improve our marriage, but we’re also leaving as better-equipped individuals to handle anything that comes our way.
My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the material and the thought provoking, spirit led discussion. We plan on equipping others in our area with this retreat tool and help grow this ministry.
This retreat showed me how fear and control have separated me from intimacy with God and my husband.
Even as we researched retreat options, this retreat spoke to us because it was Christ centered. We now have a better foundation and understanding of how to invest in each other and ourselves by starting with our relationship with Christ.
The retreat was a new start for our marriage. The ideas that were taught were things we hadn’t even thought of. We are committed to each other, our family and most importantly God.